I’m A User Centered Design Leader

With ever-increasing competition, the best way for a company to gain an edge is to be innovative and make great products that their users love. The best way to do this is with user-centered design, also known as Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a user first approach, which combines co-creation with empathy, innovation, and rapid testing. The result is a great product that truly serves the needs of the user, in the manner that works best for them.

As designers, our goal is to create a fantastic experience for our users. Understanding them, and working together via testing, prototyping, and conversations is what leads to innovative products and experiences. In my career, I’ve worked with, evangelized, and trained companies and people on innovation and design thinking. The result has been some wonderful products which delight our users and helped the company break records in engagement, users, and profit.

In addition to guiding others, I’m also hands-on in all aspects of user experience including gathering and understanding business & user requirements, creating information architecture diagrams and user flows, building detailed wireframes, low & high fidelity prototypes, and the creation of new products.

My work shatters records

At Duetto, I developed a small MVP into a market leading product and helped a small startup become a global leader.

At Gaia, I revolutionized the entire product UX into an award-winning experience that broke records in profit and user satisfaction.

At Agiliance and Nuance, my efforts led directly to the product obtaining Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and the UX was noted as a key advantage over the competition.
“He’s one person whose sheer quality as a person, mentor, developer and director raises the bar.”

Rob Gilman Creative Manager at Duetto

I Empower People to Be Their Best

To me, this is what being a leader is all about. A great leader is a motivator, supporter, coach, guide, and much more.

I do what it takes to set up my team and company for success. Whether that’s in clearly showing an inspiring direction for the future, rallying the team around a project or working side by side with them to deliver amazing experiences.

A great leader doesn’t just tell people to do things, they show them the best way to accomplish their goals and teach them the skills they need to perform. It’s wonderful to see the impact that comes from developing people to become great designers and leaders in their own right.

The impact of a great leader can stay with people throughout their whole career. It makes me very happy to say that the people that I have had the pleasure to work with have gone on to impact top companies such as Amazon, Linkedin, and Disney. I have also trained people into management roles and now they lead successful teams of their own.

Your favorite Cross-Team Champion

We deliver our best results when we work together. This is especially true when it comes to delivering stellar products.

In the world that I work in, product, design, and engineering must be able to work smoothly and efficiently for projects to be a success.

That’s why I make it a point to think about how the entire ecosystem works together, and not just how my team operates alone.

Luckily, with my background in programming as well as product, I have an excellent understanding of how those teams operate as well as how to best communicate and work together with them. Even when teams have disagreements, I can help to define the core issue and find the best resolution for the circumstance.
“You don’t need to worry about anything with Jose. He’ll take care of projects as well as his people and makes sure everything is delivered on time and at a high level.

He’s a stellar team player and can smoothly work with people across the entire company; from executives to sales and engineering. ”

Marco Benvenuti Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Duetto

I create structures for success

In order to do great work, the right environment and systems have to be in place. A team needs an excellent approach to design, a fluid project and review process, and a friendly, collaborative environment where people and ideas can flourish.

My deep experience with methods, management, motivation, and teaching has helped me to transform teams and entire organizations. I’ve built great foundations and environments, evangelized design throughout the organization and have redefined what it means to deliver world class design.

From Apps to Enterprise

and everywhere in between
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“Jose is an extremely talented UI professional who brought architectural and visual organization to the complexity of the gaiaonline.com website. He managed as well as contributed to the establishment of design standards that trickled down to every feature built after he joined, many of which are still foundational to this very day. He also made a concerted effort to create and maintain an enjoyable UI department environment for me and my coworkers. Jose would make an amazing addition to any organization both as a professional and a person.”

ROSANN YIP Senior Designer at NVIDIA