Big Data Revenue Strategy for Hospitality

(2012 – 2017)

Successfully scaled a small MVP into an industry-leading portfolio with global reach

  • Together we patented and developed a game-changing revenue strategy platform that delivers an average revPAR index lift of 6.5%, one of the highest in the industry.
  • Defined the foundation and methods for product and design success.
  • Created Duetto’s identity and brand strategy.
  • Built the Duetto design system.
  • Helped to build and scale the company to sustain 50% + growth levels YoY.

Duetto is a big data analytics company which helps hotels forecast demand and recommends pricing.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, Duetto is like a crystal ball.

It takes in a TON of data; from historical stay patterns to market activity, local events and even airline traffic. It then uses sophisticated algorithms and amazing UI to help the user make sense of it all and predict demand for future days. It also recommends the best price for each customer type.

This is a big deal because if you charge too little, you fill up the rooms but leave a lot of money on the table. If you charge too much, then the customer will just go to another hotel and you lose big time with lots of empty rooms.

Duetto helps their customers find that sweet spot between maximum occupancy and maximum price.

When I joined we were a tiny, scrappy young startup ready to disrupt the industry. Our competition had been in the industry for decades and were firmly entrenched in the market.

We were so new that no one knew who we were and there was only a VERY basic MVP that the engineers put together when I started.

The six of us had a big challenge ahead, but we were hopeful and determined. It also helped that we had some of the best people on our team; from visionary co-founders to incredibly skilled engineers.

Being in a small startup, you wear a lot of hats. My initial roles included: product design, product management, UX/UI design, graphic design, and branding. Luckily I had plenty of experience in all of these roles thanks to my previous positions as well as the startups that I co-founded.

Working closely with our customers we quickly developed a product that not only went head to head with the competition, but excelled in ease of use, deployment and effectiveness.


Selected screens from their flagship application
(additional screens and files available upon request)
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Duetto went from a nobody to the buzzword on everyone’s lips. With our solid product, technology and methods; we were making our clients a lot of money as well as saving them a good deal of time.

Getting Creative

As the company grew teams and departments were formed, I focused my energies on the UI and Creative departments. We doubled down on marketing and events as we became the thought leaders in our industry. I hired and managed a great team of talented designers to help us on our quest for world domination. Here is a sample of the many promotional pieces that we created.
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Of course the corporate website had to encapsulate the incredible power of the app as well as to spread the message of the Duetto way to the world.

This website not only demonstrates the capabilities of the app, it is filled with success stories, articles, videos, webinars and other great pieces showing how to get the most out of revenue strategy.

We built it from the ground up and it’s been a great source of leads, followers and fans.
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revenue strategy summit

Duetto is nothing if not ambitious. The company was going strong in their thought leadership strategy through their branding, messaging and evangelizing. After this initial success they took it a step further and created an entire summit around thought leadership, new thinking and technology in the hospitality space. Thus, in 2013, the Revenue Strategy Summit was born.

This is a unique event that brings the biggest and brightest to one place. I was tasked to create the website, all branding, and creative pieces for the Revenue Strategy Summit. My efforts took an idea and turned it into a globally recognized brand, with all of the accompanying assets.

The Revenue Strategy Summit continues to be a not-to-miss event and has even spun off into two other events – RSS Hong Kong and RSS London. Of course, my team is in charge of creating those identities and assets as well.
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