Enterprise Authentication and Chip Level Security



  • Led innovation discussions with leadership to define the product and experience
  • Designed their core product
Verayo is a cutting edge authentication and technology security company based in the Silicon Valley.

They needed an app designed to show off their first breakthrough; an unclonable chip.

With this technology, they could provide 100% secure identification. It authenticates even down to the molecular level.

Next they needed a ground-breaking app to help demonstrate this technology.

Verayo contacted me to help them design and create this next gen application. This app allowed the user to securely log onto sensitive websites and access personal information.

Both the unclonable chip as well as a unique gesture ensured that the information was only accessible by the owner.

Verayo needed to get this app in the hands of investors and potential customers right away to help propel their company to success. So, a short timeframe of only two months from idea to completion was established.

I was tasked to design the app from a product perspective as well as to create the UI for it.

As the solo designer, I worked directly with engineering and the executive staff.

We built the app on time and it helped them to get the traction they needed to prove their concept and technology.

Initial Flows

After gathering the initial requirements I worked with the executive team to brainstorm the overall experience. From there, I created the initial logic flows such as this authentication flow.
View (PDF)


GUI Elements
All GUI elements will reside on this top layer. This will have a slight parallax effect.
Video Background
This is a looping animation that plays on the bottom layer. It will be an abstract representation of DNA, which is reflective of the “Silicon DNA” messaging elsewhere on Verayo’s website.
Main Background
The second layer is a semi-transparent white layer. The animation is faintly visible beneath this layer. There will be a parallax effect between this layer and the background so that the background shifts subtly when the user tilts the device.


The app uses a unique gesture technology as a part of the authentication. If the user forgets their gesture, it’s quick and easy to verify via a PIN and create a new gesture.
View Flow & Screens (PDF)